When you are in the field trying to learn how to attract women, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to stay on top off – at least if you’re following the advice of many of the world’s top seduction gurus. You have to measure your approach angle, you need to know what to say to break the ice, you need to know when and how to move your body so that you don’t come off as a total weirdo while still shifting into “James Bond” gear at just the right moment. Frankly, it’s almost enough to make someone’s head spin.
If you’ve been looking for a simpler way to use all of the advice on success with women effectively, there are a couple of foundational things you can do right now and use forever in any interaction – not just with gorgeous women – to great effect. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when maximizing the advice on success with women that you’ve been taught.

Dating info for guys
Slow things down
The first thing that new guys in the field do with their recently learned advice on success with women is rip through their interactions like it’s a race. This comes off as super needy and very nervous – two killers of seduction. If you notice that you’re moving around too much, making jerky motions, or talking like your hair is one fire, take a breath and slow things down. You’re success rate will boom almost instantly.

Keep your eyes on the prize
Each and every interaction should have a target goal that you’re looking to move towards. Don’t just say “I want to use the advice on success with women I’ve learned tonight”. Come up with a game plan with concrete and measureable goals and then go out and get them done. If you tell yourself you’re going to approach and talk to 15 beautiful women that night, then 15 is your number, even if you are hitting it off smashingly with girl #4. Politely excuse yourself, get your goal done, and then if nobody else proved to be better circle around back. This is going to demonstrate that you’re a high value guy as well as give you the added boost in confidence that comes with knowing you’ve accomplished major goals that you’ve set for yourself.

When using the advice on success with women that you’ve learned in conjunction with these two simple tips you’re almost guaranteed of boosting your success rate almost instantly. Good luck, and remember to focus on the simple foundational things first!